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Mole Checks
With the steady rise in melanoma diagnosis, mole checks are becoming increasingly popular. Melanoma death rates have reduced in Australia because of this common practice. Thin (curable) melanomas and melanoma precursors (dysplastic nevi) are more readily diagnosed and surgically removed because of this. Whole body dermoscopy increases sensitivity and specificity of melanoma diagnosis. Fewer harmless lesions are unnecessarily removed and early melanomas that would otherwise have been missed by simple visual inspection are identified.

Professional Experience in Mole Checks and Dermoscopy
Consultant dermatologist since 2000, in charge of the Exeter NHS hospital pigmented lesion clinic from 2003 to 2014.
Exeter has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the UK – four times the national average.
National and regional dermoscopy trainer for other dermatologists, GPs, dermatology trainees and nurse since the mid 1990’s.
Member of the British Society of Dermatological Surgeons
Member of the International Dermoscopy Society

Dermoscopy and Melanoma Publications
Downs AMR. Diagnosing pigmented lesions on the face. Laser Med Sci 2007; 22:18.
Bogucki P, Downs AMR. Malignant melanoma, index and non-index lesions published March 2012 Peninsula Cancer Network website.
Downs AMR Dermoscopy for diagnosing skin lesions MIMS Autumn 2009
Bogucki P, Downs AMR. Malignant melanoma, index and non-index lesions. AAD Poster, Miami 2013

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