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Psoriasis is the second commonest skin inflammatory condition. About 2% of the UK population has it, but many fail to be correctly diagnosed. The condition runs in families. The scalp, elbows and knees are the commonest places on the skin affected with red, dry, scaly and thickened skin that looks unsightly. Most cases of psoriasis are mild – but it still can cause personal psychological and social problems. Most cases can be treated with the correct topical preparation but severe disease may require regular tablet or injection treatment.  Phototherapy is also a very popular management for psoriasis. Occasionally psoriasis can affect the joints and require additional medical management from a rheumatologist.


Professional Experience in Managing Psoriasis
Managing psoriasis as a consultant dermatologist since 2000 Biologics for psoriasis preceptorship program, Dept Dermatolgy, Exeter 2009-13. This program was clinical teaching program aimed and up-skilling UK Consultant Dermatologist not familiar with prescribing biologic agents in clinical practice.
Research collaborator:
BADBIR registry 2009-2014
Psoriasis Body Image 2010-2012
LION psoriasis image study 2012-2014
PICTURE psoriasis body image study 2013-2014
SIGNATURE anti-TNF alpha failure sekukinumab study 2013-2014


Publications in Psoriasis
Downs AMR. Overnight application of dovobet ointment is a highly effective treatment for resistant scalp psoriasis.
Acta Dermato-Venereol 2006; 86:66-67. Laws PM, Downs AMR et al. Practical experience of ustekinumab in the treatment of psoriasis: experience from a multicentre, retrospective case cohort study across the UK & Ireland. Br J Dermatol 2012; 166:189-95.
Downs AMR Topical immunomodulators in dermatology. Pulse July 2005

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Professional Services Offered by Dr Downs
1. Management of all types of psoriasis and related conditions

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